Can you hang wind chimes indoors?

Koshi as a doorbell
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Can you hang wind chimes indoors?

There are so many ways to use Zaphir and Koshi chimes inside. Perhaps you have experienced a healing sound massage or listened to a chime at a Yoga session already.

Another wonderful idea is to hang it near the crib of a baby and play it once in a while so it can amplify the good energy of your home.

If you like the sound a little more soothing, you can place your chime above a window and as soon as a breeze comes by the chime will surprise you with it's melody.

You've got a four-poster or canopy bed? Ever thought of hanging a chime at a post or at the frame of the drapes?

We love to use it as a doorbell. Just place it above your door so that the plate is touched by the door if it is being openend. You might need to experience a little with the height but it works very well.

You're coming home, open the door to your place and the Koshi or Zaphir is chiming a warm welcome to you and your loved ones.
What a joy.

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