Christmas Gifts 2023 Buy Early This Year

Koshi Chimes Christmas 2022
Christmas Gifts 2023 Buy Early This Year

This year you should get your holiday presents early.

No matter if you celebrate Christmas Day, Chanukah, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa or the Solstice, we advise you to get your presents early, especially this year.

The postal systems worldwide are overflooded this time of the year.

Local Couriers try to handle all items as fast as possible but there can be certain delays - also on restocking.

Couriers do overtime already, postal services hire new staff, get extra planes, trucks  and staff for the end of the year.

All people involved in the delivery and shipping process of your order are giving all they can.
They try to deliver your order as soon as possible. 

So if you like to be prepared and get smoothly into the holiday season just be aware of certain delays.

This is a time for relaxation and celebration after all - and to enjoy this you can order early.

Don't know what to get? 

You can choose between the beautiful Koshi Chimes if you like a more bell like sound and a wooden optic.

You like colors? We offer the Zaphir Chimes in 5 beautiful colors, every Season has it's own color.

We offer the 4 Koshi Set + Stand which includes the chime set and a premum, solid, handmade, chime stand out of beech wood.


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