Frequency What is it?

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Frequency What is it?

Frequency - we know it from light, energy and sound.

The word frequency is used in engineering and science to specify mechanical vibrations for example. Frequency is the number of a repeating unit (waves) over a certain timeframe.

But what does that mean at Gaiachimes?

As the Sansulas and Kalimbas are available in a 440Hz and 432Hz frequency we would like to dig a little deeper.

Hz is a common unit in musical tones. Hz (Hertz), the unit of frequency, is one cycle per second. Frequency is the number of Hertz.

Hertz has been named after a German physicist who proved the existance of electromagnetic waves.

Based on the tuning, the a' represents the 440Hz or the 432 Hz, it is the a above the middle C.

So, if you play the a' on the 432Hz Sansula, the drum membrane vibrates 432 times in a second, if you play the 440Hz Sansula, 440 times.

Currently we offer the following:

432Hz : Sansula Basic, Sansula Renaissance

440Hz: Sanula Basic Melody, Sansula Deluxe

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