Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium

Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium
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Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium

Need a stand for your Zaphir chimes set? We got one for you that fits all 5 different tunings! Handmade.

This solid stand is ready for your Zaphirs so you have them ready to hand.

On the desk, on the shelf or in the yoga studio, this premium stand made out of beech wood is the perfect stand to display your wonderful Zaphir chimes

You know someone who already has the Zaphir set? Perhaps this is the perfect gift.

And.. it is not only a 5 chime stand, you can use it as a carousel, the disc where your chimes are hanging can rotate. It doesn't matter if you have 4 or 5 Zaphir chimes, we have the stand for you.

This high quality chime stand is produced by a German wood turner and made out of beech wood. It is coated with clear lacquer for optimal protection.

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