How to retune your Sansula

Hokema Tuning Tool
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How to retune your Sansula

You can re-tune your Sansula or give it a tuning of your choice. So, if your favorite model like the Melody B11 is sold out, no worries. You can modify the tune of your Sansula or Kalimba.

If you are using the Hokema tuning tool there is no need for a little 50gr hammer.
You can use the tuning tool with any usual mid-size hammer you already have.

How it works:
At one end, the tuning tool has an indentation. Just put this indentation on a tine and use a usual mid-size hammer to gently push the tine in the direction you like, to get your tuning right. 

You can find a free "Tune-o-Gramm" in the pictures section of our tuning tool. It is specially made for Sansulas and Kalimbas.

Please don’t forget to note your new tuning in the fields above.

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