What is a Sansula

Hokema Sansula Deluxe Renaissance Basic
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What is a Sansula

2001 Peter Hokema found an astonishing way to make the Kalimba sound much more powerful - the Sansula. Made in Germany.
You might know that the Kalimba is a metal-tongued instrument, played by plucking the tines with the thumbs.

A Sansula has a wodden frame which is covered with a membrane and the Kalimba is mounted in the middle.
The vibrations of your music are first kind of `stored` in the wooden base. From here they are transmitted to the resonating membrane. This way you are able to create far more prolonged tones than with other methods of amplification.

The membrane depends on which model you choose.
The Sansulas Deluxe comes with a membrane of goatskin, the Renaissance has a synthetic drum skin from REMO and the Basic Model (available in A-Minor or as the Melody Version in G-Major) comes with a membrane of cellulose.

You can create a wonderful vibrant sound with the Sansula.
You like the Kalimba? You will love the Sansula!

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