Yoga meditation chime Koshi and Zaphir

Yoga meditiation chime Koshi and Zaphir
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Yoga meditation chime Koshi and Zaphir

Koshi and Zaphir chimes are a wonderful addition for every yoga session.

The beautiful sound of these chimes can help you to relax and bring back your focus and attention. You can use them for example at the beginning and at the end of your session.
Your yoga circle can join in at the relaxation, while your yoga instructor holds the chime.

The chimes are also helpful for breathing. While  you listen to the chime you can calm down, relax and focus on your breathing - breathe consciously - before starting your yoga exercise.

Also  after pilates,  when you rest a little and left your mind and body relax and wonder, this is a very pleasant way to bring your mind slowly back.

From our customer feedback, we recommend a deeper tune for such exercise as it is being received most relaxing. You can listen to the sound samples here:

Zaphir Sufi

Zaphir Blue Moon

Koshi Aqua

Koshi Ignis

Note: You can also play multiple sound together

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