The ‘Koshi’ chime is an authentic musical instrument, a beautiful windchime and so much more.

We explain what makes these chimes so special, the different colors, melodies and how to use them.

Music Notes with Zaphir and Koshi chimes
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We discover the Wind Chimes with Sound and Notes

The Melodies of the Breeze: Find a complete comparion of wind chimes with sounds here. All Zaphir and Koshi Wind Chime Sounds.Exploring the complete World of Wind Chimes with Enchanting Sounds. Finding tranquility in the harmonies of nature and elements. 

Blue Moon with Notes in the Background
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Discover the Melodious World of Musical Wind Chimes

Zaphir and Koshi chimes offer distinct and beautiful notes that create a unique musical experience. Find out which musical wind chime you like most.

Frequency Waves with Zaphir and Koshi Chimes
Bagua with chimes
Koshi and Zaphir in Front of a Window
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What is the best place for my windchime

The placement and arrangement of wind chimes play a crucial role in harnessing their spiritual benefits. Here are some guidelines to consider: