Hokema Sansula Basic A-Minor

Hokema Sansula Basic A-Minor
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Hokema Sansula Basic A-Minor

A Sansula has a wodden frame (made out of beech wood) which is covered with a membrane and the Kalimba is mounted in the middle.

The Basic Sansula has a 9-tined Kalimba mounted on it.
It is tuned to 440Hz and comes in A Minor.

You can retune it as you like though, for example with the Sansula tuning tool.
We recommend it, as the re-tuning with it is very easy.

How do you play it?
You are holding the frame between your hands and are plucking the tines with your thumbs.
As you might expect it, therefore it is called a thumb piano.
It only wheighs around 11 oz and is pretty lightweight.

Why a Sansula?
The difference between the Kalimba and Sansula is, you'll get a much better resonance when playing the Sansula.
This model, the Basic Sansula comes with a membrane made out of cellulose and is very good for beginners.
It is also not that pricey compared to the other Sansulas.

Measurements: 19,8 x 15,5 x 6,7 cm / 7.7 x 6.1 x 2.6 inch

Tuning : A-Minor A' C'' C' A' A F E' E'' H' (H=B) i

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