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Set of 4 Koshi chimes

Set of 4 Koshi chimes coupon

You want to buy a set of 4 Koshi chimes and need a coupon?

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Lotus Flower Zaphir Sufi Crystalide

What do chimes symbolize?

Wind chimes are thought to be good luck and maximize the flow of chi but not only that.

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Koshi Ignis

Why doesn't my wind chimes chime?

Your chime is not chiming properly? We explain why.

8 days ago
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Zaphir Sufi The Intermediary Season

Zaphir Sufi - Intermediary - The chime that makes the link between seasons

The Zaphir Sufi represents the link between the seasons and fits perfectly to the other Zaphir (Shanti) chimes. We explain why.

15 days ago
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Hokema Tuning Tool

How to retune your Sansula

You can re-tune your Sansula or Kalimba and give it a tuning of your choice. You can do it without a 50gr hammer.
Did you know? We explain how it works.

22 days ago
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