Koshi and Zaphir compared

Koshi chimes compared to the Zaphir chimes

Do you ever wondered what the difference is between a Koshi chimes and a Zaphir chimes?

We help you out and explain the differences.

4 days ago
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Zaphir Sunray

Zaphir Sunray - Summer is here

Summer is here - the Earth being tilted its farthest towards the sun with the Summer Solstice coming ahead. We enjoy the long days and the beautiful sunshine.

Therefore the Sunray comes in a beautiful yellow.

8 days ago
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Hokema Kalimba

What is a Kalimba?

Kalimbas are plucking instruments which you simply play with your thumbs. Therefore they are also called thumb pianos.

The “Mbira” or “Sansa” which are the African instruments for what we now know as a Kalimba, originated from a simple halved calabash, a turtle shell or half a coconut as a resonance body.

2 months ago
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