Zaphir Twilight Autumn or Fall

Zaphir Twilight
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Zaphir Twilight Autumn or Fall

Is it Autumn or Fall?

Autumn comes from the Latin word "autumnus" which basically means "the passing of the year"

The word Fall comes from the old english "fiaell" which means " to fall from a height" so the words are kind of interchangeable if you think of the fallen leaves.

Fall is greeting us with rich colors, full of green, red and yellow. Thanksgiving is coming ahead and we celebrate what nature has given us over the year. The corn is ready to harvest, pumpkins are decorating our homes and Mother Nature is showing her beautiful colours.

The Zaphir Twilight is greeting this season with its overtones but it is not full of overtones. You have a mixture from high and lower tunes but still very powerful. It comes in the tuning E G B C E G B C and fits with it's beautiful dark red perfectly in this season.

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