Handcrafted Rotating Koshi Chime Stand for Set of 4 Wind Chimes

Handcrafted Rotating Koshi Chime Stand for Set of 4 Wind Chimes

This high quality chime stand is hand crafted and made out of solid beech wood,
exclusively available at Gaiachimes. 
It is double-coated with clear lacquer for optimal protection.

The chime stand has the 'Flower of Life' engraved which is well known in sacred geometry.

It fits Koshi all 4 Koshi chimes and has intendations at the bars of the rotary disc so your chimes stay save in place.

The mounting of the separated parts is very easy.
Now your beautiful rotating chime stand is ready to display your wonderful chimes and you have them ready to hand.

It will hold all 4 Koshi chimes and make a beautiful display for example in your yoga studio, on the porch or in your living room.


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gaiachimes koshi wind chime stand flower of life
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Stand for 4 Koshis
Set of 4 Genuine Koshi Chimes. Made in France.
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The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric symbol with deep spiritual significance and historical roots. It is a complex and symmetrical pattern formed by overlapping circles that create a flower-like shape, consisting of nineteen complete circles and many partial circles. The design is a visual representation of the interconnectivity and unity of all life.

The symbol has been found in various ancient cultures and civilizations, such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and China, dating back thousands of years. It has been found on temple walls, in sacred art, and in historical manuscripts.