Original Koshi® Set of 4 Chimes with Premium Rotating Stand

 Original Koshi® Set of 4 Chimes with Premium Rotating Stand


Set of 4 Koshi Wind Chimes: The set includes four individual chimes, each with its own unique tuning and sound. The chimes are designed to create harmonious and melodious tones when struck by the wind or by hand.

Each chime in the set is tuned to a specific musical scale, such as Terra (Earth), Aqua (Water), Aria (Air), and Ignis (Fire). The tuning determines the pitch and character of the sound produced by each chime. The combination of different tunings in the set allows for a diverse range of musical possibilities.

Koshi chimes are hand-crafted in France using high-quality materials to ensure clear and resonant sounds. The chimes are made from bamboo veneer, metal, and other natural materials.

This set comes with a specially designed rotating beech wood stand to hold and display the four chimes. The stand allows you to arrange the chimes in a visually appealing way while keeping them easily accessible for playing or when the wind blows.

Koshi chimes can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. When hung outside, they create soothing sounds as the wind blows through them. Indoors, they can be played by hand for a more intentional and controlled musical experience.

The Koshi chimes set makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for music enthusiasts, sound healers, meditation practitioners, or anyone who appreciates calming and meditative sounds. Additionally, the chimes' elegant design adds aesthetic value to any space, making them an attractive decorative element.

Discover the beauty and serenity of a rotating Koshi wind chime stand. Display your set of Koshi chimes in style with this innovative and practical wind chime holder. The rotating feature allows the wind chimes to catch the breeze from all directions, filling your space with enchanting melodies and creating a soothing atmosphere. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this wind chime stand adds both elegance and functionality to your chime collection. Embrace the calming sounds of the wind and elevate your home decor with a rotating Koshi wind chime stand.

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Stand for 4 Koshis
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