Koshi Chime Set 4 Offer plus Premium Chime Stand

Koshi Chime Set with Stand Special Offer
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Koshi Chime Set 4 Offer plus Premium Chime Stand

The complete Set of all 4 Koshi chimes plus high quality chimes stand for a special price.

The chime stand is made out of solid beechwood and is handcrafted by a woodturner in Germany.
It is pretty heavy duty as it is 18.5 in tall and the diameter of the wooden base is around 7.87 in.

Maybe you are putting the stand with your Koshis outside while sitting on your porch as a breeze touches them.
Your beautiful Koshi windchimes made out of bamboo are hanging free and can chime on this stand.

You can also display your Koshis at your Yoga Studio for example.
The stand is a wonderful way to store and display your Koshis indoors.

The disc where the chimes are hanging on can rotate - it is kind of a caroussel.
If you put the stand on a shelf for example, just turn it and take the Koshis you would like to use.

We currently have a special offer.
The discount will happen automatically once you proceed with your order.

You'll get a discount at the checkout if you buy the Koshi Set (Aqua,Aria,Terra & Ignis) with the 4 chimes stand.

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