What do Zaphir chimes sound like

Zaphir chimes
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What do Zaphir chimes sound like

Zaphirs have a crystal clear sound and the tunes need some time to fade away. A Zaphir chime works well in wind-protected areas, as the sail (the plate where the wind touches the chime) is relatively big.

The Zaphir chime which represents Spring - the Crystalide - is a combination of summer and winter.
You will find a mix of tunes from the Blue Moon (Winter) and the Sunray (Summer) here.
It is not as rich in overtones as the Sunray but has more overtones compared to the Blue Moon. It comes in a beautiful green which represents the blossoming of nature. Nature is awakening -You can literally hear it.

The Zaphir Sunray - representing the season Summer- comes with 4 sharp notes in a beautiful yellow.
G# C# G# and C# have a raised pitch by one seminote. Together with a B, E, E and A it produces a sound rich in overtones.

The purple Sufi comes with the tuning F A D F A G A D represents the Intermediary Season. It has combined notes of the Crystalide (Spring), the Sunray (Summer) and of the Blue Moon (Winter).
Zaphir Sufi is the ideal chime to go with if you are looking for a second or additional chime, it is a wonderful companion.

The Zaphir Twilight with it's E G B C E G B C tuning has a few overtones but not too many. The Twilight is a mixture of the Blue Moon and the Sunray and represents Autumn. it reminds one of fallen leaves, nature changing it's colour but a still warm breeze. A wonderful relaxing sound a good mixture.

The Blue Moon, representing the Winter has a D F A B C E A# C tuning.
Nature is resting and awaiting a new start in the Spring. This Zaphir has the deepest tuning of the Zaphir chimes.
If you prefer deeper notes, this is the one to choose. It is very calming and a good choice for meditation or relaxing after a yoga session.

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