Discover 2024 The Year of the Wood Dragon

Discover 2024 The Year of the Wood Dragon
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Discover 2024 The Year of the Wood Dragon

2024 Year of the Wood Dragon (Element Wood)

As you might know, in Chinese astrology the zodiac signs are associated with different elements. However, the elements of the Chinese zodiac signs do not change annually, as one might think, but only every 2 years.

2024 will be the transformation from the Element Water to Wood and we will enter the Year of the Dragon - so called Wood Dragon.

In Chinese culture, the Year of the Dragon is associated with prosperity and favorable conditions for advancement. It is believed that those born in this year will enjoy luck and opportunities in various aspects of their lives.

The Year of the Dragon is seen as an exciting and promising time filled with positive energy and potential. Dragons are encouraged to embrace this dynamic and vibrant energy to pursue their goals and dreams. They are advised to channel their innate leadership skills in a positive manner, inspiring and motivating those around them.

The Year 2024 will be the Year of the Dragon, combined with the element Wood. This combination holds special significance and adds unique qualities to the traits associated with the Dragon sign. Whether one is a Dragon or not, everyone can benefit from the positive energy and opportunities of the Year of the Dragon. It is a time to seize new possibilities, embrace change, and pursue passions with enthusiasm.

When paired with the element Wood, the dynamics of the Year of the Dragon in 2024 take on additional characteristics. Wood is associated with growth, vitality, and the development of new ideas. It represents creativity, vision, and personal expansion. The element Wood enhances the Dragon's energy, adding a sense of innovation and forward-thinking.

The combination of the Dragon sign and the Wood element in 2024 suggests a year filled with tremendous opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. It is a time to tap into one's leadership abilities and push forward with determination, fueled by creative ideas and fresh perspectives.

We recommend the Zaphir Crystalide Chime which represents the Element Wood.

Zaphir Crystalide - Season Spring

If you prefer the wooden look of the Koshi Chimes we recommend the Koshi Aria(Air) or Terra (Earth).

Koshi Aria - Air

Koshi Terra - Earth


It is a powerful time. Dragons are seen as symbols of strength, success, and good fortune. According to Chinese astrology, people born in the Year of the Dragon possess traits such as confidence, ambition, leadership skills, and a strong personality.

Dragons are known for their dominance and often achieve great success in their careers. They are considered to be natural-born leaders and are drawn towards positions of authority. Dragons are also known for their courage and fearlessness, never hesitating to take risks or face challenges head-on.

In addition to their professional success, Dragons in the Year of the Dragon are also said to experience personal growth. This could include deepening relationships, finding love, or strengthening existing partnerships. Dragons are encouraged to prioritize their loved ones and nurture meaningful connections.

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