The ‘Koshi’ chime is an authentic musical instrument, a beautiful windchime and so much more.

We explain what makes these chimes so special, the different colors, melodies and how to use them.

Zaphir Chime gift box
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Koshi Chimes Gift Box Packaging

Looking for a Koshi chime as a present? If you buy at Gaiachimes it comes in an original Koshi box already, have a look.

Koshi Chimes Christmas 2022
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Christmas Gifts 2022 Buy Early This Year

We explain why you should buy sooner rather than later.

 Koshi Chimes String not hanging straight
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Koshi Chimes String not hanging straight

Sometimes the string inside the Koshi is not hanging straight. Fix it in a minute with Gaiachimes..

Koshi Terra vs Zaphir Twilight
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Koshi Terra vs Zaphir Twilight

We compare the Koshi chime and Zaphir chime tunings one to one.
Gaiachimes gives you a quick overview which chimes are similar.

Yoga meditiation chime Koshi and Zaphir
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Yoga meditation chime Koshi and Zaphir

The beautiful sound of Koshi and Zaphr chimes can help you to relax and bring back your focus and attention. Gaiachimes explains.

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