The ‘Koshi’ chime is an authentic musical instrument, a beautiful windchime and so much more.

We explain what makes these chimes so special, the different colors, melodies and how to use them.

Koshi Chime Stand Premium

Koshi Chime Stand Premium

Now available! Koshi Chime Stand Premium - Made in Germany. 

24 days ago
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meditation chimes spiritual guidance

What do chimes mean spiritually?

Wind chimes can benefit to your health and well-being


2 months ago
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Koshi Chime Set

Koshi Chimes for Sale

Why you should get the 4 set of Koshi chimes? We let you know.

2 months ago
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Koshi chime Zodiac sign

How do I choose a Koshi chime

There are a few ways to choose your Koshi chime, we help you out.

3 months ago
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Set of 4 Koshi chimes

Set of 4 Koshi chimes coupon

You want to buy a set of 4 Koshi chimes and need a coupon?

3 months ago
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