Zaphir chimes are well known for their crystal clear sound, beautiful colors and their quality.

You need the measurements? What are the differences between the Koshi and the Zaphir chimes? 

You have some questions about the Zaphirs? We give you the answer about these beautiful colored chimes.


Zaphir chimes
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What do Zaphir chimes sound like

The Zaphir chimes, also known as Shanti chimes, have a quite astonishing sound. We give you the overview.


Zaphir Sufi vs  Koshi Aqua
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Koshi Aqua vs Zaphir Sufi Zaphir Blue Moon

We compare the Koshi chime and Zaphir chime tunings one to one. Gaiachimes gives you a quick overview which chimes are similar.

Zaphir Chime gift box
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Zaphir Chimes Gift Box Packaging

Looking for a Zaphir chime as a present? If you buy at Gaiachimes it comes in a gift box already, have a look.

Koshi Chimes String not hanging straight
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Koshi Chimes String not hanging straight

Sometimes the string inside the Koshi is not hanging straight. Fix it in a minute with Gaiachimes..

Zaphir Twilight
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