Zaphir Summer & Autumn Set - Sunray & Twilight

Zaphir Sunray & Zaphir Twilight
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Zaphir Summer & Autumn Set - Sunray & Twilight

These 2 Zaphir chimes in the Shanti Design play a wonderful dynamic and active sound together which is not too high in the overtones.

The Zaphir Sunray (Summer) comes in a beautiful yellow, the Zaphir Twilight (Autumn) has a wonderful red look.
The Twilight has a mixture from high and lower tunes but still very powerful in general.
Fall is greeting us with rich colors and we celebrate what nature has given us over the year. 

The Zaphir Sunray supports the Twilight in the higher tunes. The Sunray is also the chimes with the most semitones and it adds a little more freshness so the melody. This way the melody gets a little more dynamic without being too pushy.

Listen to the Zaphir Sunray & Zaphir Twilight here, we made a sound sample for you:

Sunray: G# B C# E G# E A C# (Summer)

Twilight: E G B C E G B C (Autumn)

Made in France

This melody is not as high as the Zaphir Crystalide & Sunray but has still some overtones and is dynamic. If you like a deep and relaxing melody we recommend the Zaphir Winter & Intermediary Set.


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