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Koshi Chime Stand Premium
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Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium
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Koshi Zaphir Chime Stand Pisa
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Zaphir Sufi The Intermediary Season
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Zaphir Sufi - Intermediary - The chime that makes the link between seasons

The Zaphir Sufi represents the link between the seasons (5th season )and fits perfectly to the other Zaphir (Shanti) chimes. We explain why.

Zaphir Chime gift box
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Zaphir Chimes Gift Box Packaging

Looking for a Zaphir chime as a present? If you buy at Gaiachimes it comes in a gift box already, have a look.

Yoga meditiation chime Koshi and Zaphir
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Yoga meditation chime Koshi and Zaphir

The beautiful sound of Koshi and Zaphr chimes can help you to relax and bring back your focus and attention. Gaiachimes explains.

Zaphir Crystalide
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Zaphir Crystalide - Springtime is coming - Hello March

Spring is a transition as we come from the cold winter towards the warm summer.
Therefore the Zaphir chime which represents Spring - the Crystalide - is a combination of summer and winter.

You will find a mix of tunes from the Blue Moon (Winter) and the Sunray (Summer) here.

Koshi Terra vs Zaphir Twilight
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Koshi Terra vs Zaphir Twilight

We compare the Koshi chime and Zaphir chime tunings one to one.
Gaiachimes gives you a quick overview which chimes are similar.

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