Koshi Aqua with Koshi Terra together - Water and Earth Sound Sample

Koshi Aqua with Koshi Earth together sound sample
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Koshi Aqua with Koshi Terra together - Water and Earth Sound Sample

Koshi Aqua with Koshi Terra together - Water and Earth - Nurturing, Growth & Stability

Water and earth energy are often regarded as complementary elements that interact harmoniously to create balance, growth, and stability. The combination of water, representing emotions, intuition, and the flow of life, and earth, symbolizing grounding, stability, and fertility, brings a sense of harmony and nurturing energy. Here's why the water and earth energies work well together:


Nourishment and Growth: Water and earth are essential for sustaining life on Earth. Water provides hydration and nourishment, supporting the growth of plants, animals, and ecosystems. Earth acts as a solid foundation, providing stability and grounding for life to thrive. The combination of water and earth energies promotes growth, fertility, and abundance in both the physical and spiritual realms.


Balance and Stability: Water's fluidity and emotional depth can be balanced by earth's grounding energy and stability. The union of water and earth energies fosters a sense of balance, resilience, and inner strength. This combination encourages us to navigate our emotions with stability and cultivate a sense of security and contentment in our lives.


The Koshi Aqua and Koshi Terra go well together, you will hear the melody is a little deeper and very relaxing. It grounds you and gives you a better flow. Take a listen to our soundsample:



Koshi Terra - Element Earth
G - C - E - F - G - C - E - G
The distinct notes in the Earth chime beautifully evoke the grounding and stabilizing aspects of the Earth element. These melodious tones create a tranquil atmosphere that effortlessly transports you to a place of rootedness and calmness.


Koshi Aqua - Element Water
A - D - F - G - A - D - F - A

The Aqua chime gracefully embodies the fluidity and serenity of water, casting a calming spell with its enchanting melody. Just as the waves of water flow effortlessly, the soothing sounds emanating from the Aqua chime wash over you, creating a profound sense of tranquility and introspection. Its gentle and rhythmic tones invite you to immerse yourself in a state of peace, encouraging moments of quiet reflection and inner calmness. The element of water holds profound meaning for women

Instruments that support the melodies of water and earth energies should evoke the qualities of grounding, stability, nurturing, and emotional depth. Here are some instruments that align with the harmonious blend of water and earth energies:

Handpan Drum: The soothing, resonant tones of a handpan drum create a grounding and meditative atmosphere that resonates with the stability of earth energy. The gentle vibrations of the handpan can evoke a sense of calm, balance, and connection to the earth's core.


Crystal Singing Bowl: The pure, crystalline tones of a crystal singing bowl offer clarity and healing vibrations that align with the emotional depth of water energy. Playing a crystal singing bowl can promote emotional release, inner reflection, and spiritual growth.


Acoustic Guitar: The warm, earthy tones of an acoustic guitar complement the fluid, emotional quality of water energy. Strumming an acoustic guitar can evoke a sense of grounding, connection to nature, and emotional expression that harmonizes with the interplay of water and earth 

Tibetan Singing Bowl: The rich, resonant sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl combine earthy grounding vibrations with the calming, fluid qualities of water. The harmonious tones of a Tibetan singing bowl can create a sense of relaxation, balance, and harmony between the elements of water and earth.
This is of course just a suggestion. We always say - go with your gut. If you or your friend play another instrument and it sounds great, go for it.



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