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Zaphir Crystalide
Zaphir Crystalide - Springtime is coming - Hello March
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Koshi chimes compared to the Zaphir chimes
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How do I find out which Koshi I have?
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Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium
Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium
Koshi Zaphir Chime Stand Pisa
Koshi Zaphir Chime Stand Pisa
Zaphir Sufi vs  Koshi Aqua
Koshi Aqua vs Zaphir Sufi Zaphir Blue Moon
Original Genuine Koshi chime box
How do you recognize original Koshi chimes?
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Koshi Chime String is Twisted or Tangled
Zaphir Chime gift box
Zaphir Chimes Gift Box Packaging
Koshi Chimes String not hanging straight
Koshi Chimes String not hanging straight
Zaphir Chime gift box
Koshi Chimes Gift Box Packaging
Zaphir Spring & Summer Chime Set
Zaphir Spring & Summer Chime Set - Crystalide & Sunray
Zaphir Spring & Winter Set
Zaphir Spring & Winter Set - Crystalide & Blue Moon
Zaphir Blue Moon & Zaphir Sufi
Zaphir Winter & Intermediary Set - Blue Moon & Sufi
Koshi Chime Set with Stand Special Offer
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Koshi Chime Set 4 Offer plus Premium Chime Stand

We currently have a special offer. Buy the Koshi Set 4 chimes plus the Premium Chime Stand.

Koshi Chime Set
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Koshi Chimes for Sale

Why you should get the 4 set of Koshi chimes? We let you know.

Set of 4 Koshi chimes
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Set of 4 Koshi chimes coupon

You want to buy a set of 4 Koshi chimes and need a coupon?

Set of 5 Zaphir Chimes
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What is so special about the Set of Zaphir Wind Chimes?

Zaphir chimes are well known for their crystal clear sound, beautiful colors and their quality. 

Handmade in France, near the Pyrenean mountains, each Zaphir chime is the result of meticulous craftmanship and 30 years of experience. Each one offers a unique sound of bliss an abundance.

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