How do you recognize original Koshi chimes?

Original Genuine Koshi chime box
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How do you recognize original Koshi chimes?

The original Koshi packaging - Every chime comes boxed individually.

The Front
On the front you can see the Koshi chime looking out of the box. You should also see the word Koshi with the colored dot in the letter "o". If you do not see it, don't worry, perhaps the chime has turned itself during transportation.

The Top
On the top of the box you can see the sort of the Koshi you bought including a colored dot below it which represents the tune you bought.

The Back
Here is text about the Koshi chimes "be touched by sound".
It is written in 3 languages: French, English and German

The Sides
If you hold the box in front of you, you can see the word Koshi printed all over the right side with a grey stripe trough the letter "o" and the o is in a red color.
On the left side you an see another little text about the 4 melodies, also in French, English and German. Below it you can see the 4 melodies and the melodie you have is ticked. Here is the copyright and the trademark sign.

On the bottom of the box you find the barcode of the original Koshi chime.

We are an Authorized Reseller.

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