Koshi chimes compared to the Zaphir chimes

Koshi and Zaphir compared

The Koshi chimes are made of bamboo the Zaphir chimes are mostly made of recycled materials.

Koshis have a more bell-like tone as their resonance tube is longer and narrower.
The resonance tube of the Koshi measures approximately 6.29 in x 2.36 in.

Due to the weight and the drop-shaped bamboo plate of the Koshi it needs more movement or wind than a Zaphir chime.

The resonance tube of the Zaphir chime has been designed by Da Vincis “Golden Ratio” and measures approximately 4.72 in x 2.36 in.

If you compare the sound of a Zaphir to a Koshi, the Zaphir has a crystal clear sound and the tunes need more time to fade away. A Zaphir works well in wind-protected areas, as the plate where the wind touches is relatively big.

Koshis are available in 4 different tunings according to the traditional elements; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

The colored Zaphir chimes are available in 5 different tunings in relation to the 5 elements and Feng Shui: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Intermediary Season

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