Koshi Chimes Gift Box Packaging

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Koshi Chimes Gift Box Packaging

You want to get a Koshi chime as a present? - Perfect

No matter if wedding, anniversary, birthday, babyshower, Christmas or just because.

We make it easy for you.

If you order a Koshi chime at Gaichimes, if comes already in a beautiful white original Koshi gift box.
No matter how many chimes you order, you will get each chime in a separate box.

The box is also great for storage for the Koshi chime.
On top of the box you will see which chime is in the box.

This is also more environmentally friendly and you can send the chime directly to the lucky person who will get it.

We recommend to save on our 4 Koshi Set so you will have all 4 Elements. You only want one or two? Perhaps you should take the offer, the great thing is, they have no shelf life and you have a present ready anytime.


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