Koshi Ignis vs Zaphir Crystalide

Koshi Ignis vs Zaphir Crystalide
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Koshi Ignis vs Zaphir Crystalide

In this post we compare the Koshi Ignis chime to the Zaphir Crystalide. When you hear these samples you can experience that the Koshis have a much more bell-like tone and the Zaphir chimes a very crystal clear sound. As you can see the Koshi Ignis and the Crystalide have the same tunes, only in another order, some are pitched, some not.


(We also experience this with the Koshi Aqua and Zaphir Sufi)


Koshi Ignis: G B D G B D G A


Zaphir Crystalide: G A B D A G B D (Spring)

You can open two different tabs in your browser and listen to the sound samples of the Koshis and the Zaphirs

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