Koshi Chime String is Twisted or Tangled

Koshi chime string inside
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Koshi Chime String is Twisted or Tangled

Your Zaphir or Koshi chime is tangled, the little pearl is stuck or the cord is wrapped around the metal chords? Your Koshi or Zaphir chime makes no sound? We can help.

This can sometimes happen during transport no worries, you can easily detangle it yourself.

There is an easy fix which just takes 2 minutes:
Please turn the Koshi or Zaphir chime upside down while holding the little bamboo/black plate where the cord is attached.

You can now see exactly where it is tangled. Now shake ithe chime gently while holding the plate and pulling and pushing the cord a little bit. In this way you can detangle the cord which has been wrapped aound the metal chords of the chime.

The cord will hang free now and the Koshis or Zaphirs will chime beautifully.

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