Set of 4 Koshi chimes coupon

Set of 4 Koshi chimes

The good news is, our price is already reduced. There is no coupon code necessary.

The Set of 4 Koshi chimes is already on Sale and we also offer free shipping.

The Koshi Set is a wonderful idea to get, even if you only want one or two chimes.

Koshis are an incredible gift.
You can for example keep them until Christmas, give them away for a birthday, baby shower, garden party or - just because.
There are so many occasions.

Koshis produce a magnificient sound and because of their wooden tube, so to speak, fit everywhere.
You can find the sound samples right below the pictures.

You still just want 2 or 3 Koshis?
Check out our bundles, you'll get a discount for every Koshi you add to the shopping cart

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