Zaphir Spring & Intermediary Set - Crystalide & Sufi

Zaphir Crystalide & Sufi
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Zaphir Spring & Intermediary Set - Crystalide & Sufi

As you might know, the Sufi is one of our favorite and most sold chimes.

It is very balanced in it's tuning and sounds nearly exactly like the Koshi Aqua as it has the same tones. The Zaphir Sufi together with the Crystalide is producing a gentle melody with a few overtunes but also a few deeper tunes which come from the Sufi. They come in the stunning look of the Shanti-Design.

It is a very relaxing melody with friendly overtunes from the Crystalide to support the Sufi.

Listen to the Zaphir Crystalide & Zaphir Sufi here, we made a special sound sample for you:

Crystalide: G A B D A G B D (Spring)

Sufi: F A D F A G A D (Intermediary Season)

Made in France

If this combination has not enough overtunes for you and you like a more crisp melody, we recommend the Crystalide and the Sunray.

You can also listen to one of our favorite combinations, the Crystalide & Twilight here.

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