Zaphir Sufi - Intermediary - The chime that makes the link between seasons

Zaphir Sufi The Intermediary Season

The Sufi comes in a wonderful violett which combines the elements fire and water, therefor violett is the perfect color for this chime.

In mid-summer and late-summer we're heading towards autumn but are not there yet.

Fireflies are showing up, peaches are ready to be picked and the garden offers a lot to harvest but it is also time to sow, for example spinach. Trees are still blossoming but already preparing themselves for autum and winter. You see, it really is an intermediary season.

The Sufi comes with the tuning F A D F A G A D
It has combined notes of the Crystalide (Spring), the Sunray (Summer) and of the Blue Moon (Winter).

Zaphir Sufi is the ideal chime to go with if you are looking for a second or additional chime, it is a wonderful companion. You can listen to all 5 Zaphir sound samples here.

Keep in mind that you can play multiple sound samples together.

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