Zaphir Summer & Intermediary Chime Set - Sunray & Sufi

Zaphir Summer & Intermediary Chime Set
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Zaphir Summer & Intermediary Chime Set - Sunray & Sufi

If you are looking for a really beautiful combination, this is the right place.

The Zaphir Sunray an Sufi represent two season right next to each other. Summer and Intermediary fit perfectly together.

The Zaphir Sunray which represents the season Summer comes in a beautiful yellow. The Zaphir Sufi has a lovely purple look, both chimes are inspired by the Shanti-Design.

The Sufi, which is a little deeper but still very balanced in the melody, gives this melody a wonderful feeling of grounding. The Sunray is supporting the Sufi in the higher tunes with a little feeling of freshness but not too much.

This is magical melody reminds us of  fairytale-like woods and we really love it.

We have recorded a special sound sample for you, the Zaphir Sunray and the Zaphir Sufi together:

Sufi: F A D F A G A D (Intermediary)

Sunray: G# B C# E G# E A C# (Summer)

Made in France

If this combination has not enough overtones for you and you like a more dynamic melody, we recommend the Crystalide and Sunray together.

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