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Zaphir Sufi
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Koshi Chime Stand Premium
Koshi Chime Stand Premium
Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium
Zaphir 5 Chime Stand Premium
Koshi Zaphir Chime Stand Pisa
Koshi Zaphir Chime Stand Pisa
Zaphir Sufi vs  Koshi Aqua
Koshi Aqua vs Zaphir Sufi Zaphir Blue Moon
Koshi chime string inside
Koshi Chime String is Twisted or Tangled
Zaphir Chime gift box
Zaphir Chimes Gift Box Packaging
Zaphir Sufi The Intermediary Season
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Zaphir Sufi - Intermediary - The chime that makes the link between seasons

The Zaphir Sufi represents the link between the seasons (5th season )and fits perfectly to the other Zaphir (Shanti) chimes. We explain why.

Zaphir chimes
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What do Zaphir chimes sound like

The Zaphir chimes, also known as Shanti chimes, have a quite astonishing sound. We give you the overview.


meditation chimes spiritual guidance
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What do chimes mean spiritually?

Wind chimes can benefit to your health and well-being


Zaphir chime smuding ritual
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How do you use Zaphir chimes

Zaphir chimes can be used in a lot of different ways. We give you some examples.

Koshi as a doorbell
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Can you hang wind chimes indoors?

Sure you can. When we are thinking about chimes one might usually think about the classical windchimes outside. We give you some wonderful examples how you can use your Koshi or Zaphir chime indoors.

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