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Koshi Chime Stand Premium for 4 Wind Chimes - Flower of Life
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Koshi Aria vs Zaphir Sunray
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Zaphir Spring & Summer Chime Set
Zaphir Spring & Summer Chime Set - Crystalide & Sunray
Zaphir Spring & Winter Set
Zaphir Spring & Winter Set - Crystalide & Blue Moon
Zaphir Crystalide & Zaphir Twilight
Zaphir Spring & Autumn Set - Crystalide & Twilight
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Zaphir Spring & Intermediary Set - Crystalide & Sufi
Zaphir Blue Moon & Zaphir Sufi
Zaphir Winter & Intermediary Set - Blue Moon & Sufi
Zaphir Summer & Intermediary Chime Set
Zaphir Summer & Intermediary Chime Set - Sunray & Sufi
Zaphir Sunray & Zaphir Twilight
Zaphir Summer & Autumn Set - Sunray & Twilight
Zaphir Sufi & Zaphir Twilight
Zaphir Intermediary & Autumn Set - Sufi & Twilight
Zaphir Autumn & Winter Set
Zaphir Autumn & Winter Set - Twilight & Blue Moon
Chimes Harmonizing with the Universe
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Invoking Koshis Elemental Energies
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waterfall sunrise elements
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We explain the Chakra Colors and how to use the Zaphir Chimes for Chakra Sound Healing
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Premium Chime Stand Single Flower of Life
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